Fear is a very useful and necessary emotion to have, but it is an emotion which needs to be UNDER control, not IN control. If fear is IN control, every task seems impossible. Danger is lurking around every paperclip. Danger of losing your job. Danger of losing your partner. Danger of losing your mind.

When Fear is UNDER control, you can use it to warn you of danger, take the necessary steps to reduce the risks, then take action. Action leads to success, not the TV remote.

Kanuka has had many occasions to prove that having fear under control has positive consequences. Noteworthy examples are:

– Arriving in Germany with a total vocabulary of 7 words, but by having fear under control, learning to speak German fluently within 3 months.

– Having no prior qualification or experience, but by having fear under control, successfully managing 2 language schools for 2 years, increasing the client base while keeping them both afloat during the 2008 recession.

– Having never owned a camera, but by having fear under control, winning a photography trophy within 1 year of buying one.

His life has been constant proof that if you take away the blocks which fear create in most of us, not only are you much happier more often, but you also learn much quicker, increase your income, improve your quality of life as well as your relationships and feel better about who you are.

It is fear which holds most of us back from achieving our goals, stops us being successful, stops us from doing the things we want to do. Kanuka can show you how, by learning to deal with that fear, you can take the motorway to success and happiness, rather than walk up the hill, only to find another hill waiting for you on the other side.

Kanuka is now enjoying watching his 3 children grow up, noticing how they are never scared about anything until they learn that they should be. We drum into them that they need to be afraid. But what if they don’t learn that? What happens if we don’t teach them to be afraid? They stay confident. They have no reason to doubt their capabilities. We should all find that feeling again, that feeling of being confident, as though the world is our oyster.

Because it is.


His website is www.ikanukan.co.nz.

Kanuka with Kanuka tree


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