Kinderleichte Interviews

[Why use the German word Kinderleicht? Because there is no English word for it. The closest is ‘very easy’, or ‘dead easy’, but the German word implies even a child can do it. Read on to understand why this is the perfect word to describe this blog…]

I just watched an extremely funny, yet pertinent interview. The people of Bored Shorts TV recorded kids doing an interview, then filmed adults acting it out. Brilliant! (link below)

It (quite rightly) illustrates the fact that what is said during an interview is not the most important part. The interviewer is trying to get a feel for the person, which cannot be had from a piece of paper, while the interviewee is concentrated on making the best impression possible, in the belief they can influence the outcome.

It also illustrates the fact that whether or not you are hired is nothing you as interviewee have any control over.


So why do we bother with interviews? Or more importantly, what is the role of confidence in interviews?

Some people I speak to say that being competent is enough. Others say that interviews are (hopefully) not something you will do very often in life and therefore being good at interviews is not important (though the better you are, the less you will have – is that a Catch 22? or just Murphy’s law?). Still others say that interview confidence is something you either have, or don’t have.

I disagree with all three of these thoughts. I think you CAN increase your confidence leading up to an interview. I think it is VITAL to do so and I think confidence DOES make a difference. Not only because I am the Confidence Guy, also because when I was manager of 2 businesses in Switzerland, I had to hire people. And those who showed confidence (independently of how they felt) DID have a higher chance of being hired. I also spoke to other HR people who confirmed my experience.

But don’t take my word for, ring up a local company, ask to speak to someone at HR and ask them what difference confidence (shown by the interviewee) makes in the hiring process.

However doing that takes confidence…

Well, you’ve read what I think. What do you think? Is feeling confident during an interview important? Why?

To watch the interview I am talking about, click this link.


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