Investing in one’s knowledge

I went to listen to one of the best speakers I have heard last night and the best part is that I got in free, as it was in a school! If you have never heard of Allison Mooney (allisonmooney.co.nz), you need to get your head out of your oven.

Laughing loudly (giving my personality type away) while Allison informed us in an entertaining, captivating way about the 4 personality types, I learned that I am a “powerful”. So I am decisive, to the point, quick to decide, good at taking action and a natural born leader. (Better than being a natural born killer, I suppose). I can also be tyrannical, dictatorial and need to say please and thank you more. That makes me “not better, just different” to the other types: Playful, precise and peaceful. And just as Allison predicted, I am married to a Peaceful…

As the talk was aimed at parents, I also learned how to encourage and discipline my playful child and how to deal with a precise teenage daughter. Highlight of the evening was 3 videos, each of someone changing their tyres in a way typical of their personality.

I am so happy I went! It really made me realise how much there is to learn out there! Now I can use the information I received to make not only my relationship with my family more fulfilling, but also to get more success in my business. If you want to keep growing, you need to keep informing yourself, learning. And is there any better investment than listening to a world class (Certified Speaking Professional – there are only 11 in NZ!) speaker for free?

What have you learned recently? Even if it was not from a speaker, it could have been from a book, a film, a conversation – each and every day give us the possibility of learning something really useful.


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