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Confidence for beginners

I sat down to write this blog. That’s when I noticed that the colour of the text of my chosen template is black… But maybe it would hurt my tired eyes less if it were blue. Maybe it would be even better if it were a shade lighter. Or maybe purple? And why does it spell ‘Recognise’ with a ‘Z’? Is my default language US English? I need to change that.

That’s when I noticed that already 15 minutes had passed and I still hadn’t written anything more than a title I have changed 3 times already. What am I doing? I sat down to write a blog! But I now notice I have fallen victim to the thing I help others to overcome: Procrastination. How can that be? Me, the Expert on confidence showing signs of fear? How credible is that?

A different desktop image

A much better desktop image – at least until next time I need to write a blog…

You need to learn to recognise fear even when it is disguised very effectively in the folds of the mind which hide themselves behind really important tasks which cannot wait any longer. Like changing the desktop image.

If you want to be confident, you need to overcome fear. In order to overcome fear, you need to confront it.  In order to confront it, you need to admit that you have it. In order to admit you are afraid, you need to recognise it. If you don’t notice that you are acting out of fear, you cannot do anything to change it.

It takes a little step back to look at what you are doing and see that it is actually linked to fear. But only by seeing it can you start the process by which you will be able to recognise it, admit it, confront it and eventually beat it.

What are the signs that you are afraid? Can you notice fear hiding behind your lack of Will? Procrastination – evil word – is one facet of fear. The most common and easiest to recognise. It is a starting point. Each time you find yourself doing something, though you had told yourself you would do something else today, recognise that it is fear which is blocking you. Recognising it is the first step.

When you want to start the war against procrastination, get (and of course read) a book called “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield. If you are no good with books, or need another web-based place to distract yourself with right now (don’t laugh, some people prefer browsing to eating chocolate!), another good starting point is here:


2 thoughts on “Confidence for beginners

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  2. Am right now working on unveiling all these little everyday fears, so your blog comes in just right. Not very comfortable but so so helpful! So thanks for reminding me this again and again 🙂


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